Welcome Referees.

WTNZ ( has been working with WT to get an organisation up and running. We are almost there.

For our group (Referees), we are planning on hosting a Kyorugi referee seminar early in 2021. It will likely be a video conference system, or a mix of live action and video. Maher Magableh (the WTNZ Chairperson) will organise a high ranking WT referee to run the weekend.

The weekend (either 30th-31st Jan, or 13th-14th Feb) will be a refresher for WT and Class 1 referees. Class 2 and 3 may use it as a promotion (moving up in the Class system) event, while non-certified referees can use it for registration into the Referee system.

Poomsae will follow.

I will post the referee details I have for NZ referees soon. Those wishing to take part can contact me at a later date (not now – I am a bit busy).

More details to follow.