Who is on the Board

The World Taekwondo New Zealand (WTNZ) Interim Board was appointed by World Taekwondo.

The interim WTNZ Board Chairperson is:

  • Maher Magableh (Independent)

and Board members (listed alphabetically) are:

  • Andrea Nathan-Welch,
  • Corey Shaw,
  • Darryl June,
  • Garry Carpenter,
  • Jin Keun Oh,
  • Michael Hennessy

We would like to acknowledge all of the instructors, masters and athletes who have contributed to the history and governance of Olympic Taekwondo in Aotearoa New Zealand over the years. Your names are too many to mention, but we pay tribute to your ongoing efforts to ensure an enduring and positive future for Taekwondo in New Zealand.

Ngā mihi nui

WTNZ Interim Board & World Taekwondo