Mission – Objectives

1)The mission of World Taekwondo New Zealand is to provide effective national governance of Taekwondo as a martial art and sport in New Zealand.

2)World Taekwondo New Zealand is recognised as a Member National Association of World Taekwondo Oceania (WTO) and World Taekwondo (WT), and Kukkiwon, and as such, is required to comply with the statutes and regulations of these organisations.

3)The objectives of World Taekwondo New Zealand are:

a)To administer, promote, support, develop and expand, within New Zealand, the practice and teaching of Taekwondo in light of its educational, cultural, and sports values of  the “Taekwondo movement”;

b)To organise, promote, administer, facilitate and/or deliver seminars, workshops and training events for its members, relevant to the skill levels and experience of the participants.

c)To provide a development pathway for national team selection for kyorugi & poomsae cadets, junior and senior athletes;

d)To promote and organise national competitions, select national teams and officials, and support and manage national teams at World Taekwondo competitions;

e)To promote or sanction international member and World Taekwondo competitions to be held in New Zealand;

f)To provide a development and certification pathway for referees, judges, coaches for kyorugi and poomsae at a national and international level;

g)To provide a pathway for Kukkiwon certification for Poom and Dan grades;

h)To keep membership informed of all developments relating to Taekwondo;

i)To strengthen the unity and protect the interests of all parties within World Taekwondo New Zealand and the broader ‘Taekwondo Movement’ within New Zealand;

j)To partner with, and maintain relationships to World Taekwondo, New Zealand Olympic Committee, Sport New Zealand, World Taekwondo Oceania and any other such organisations determined to be important at any time.

k)To promote and encourage a culture of clean sport, in line with the objectives and mission of Drug Free Sport NZ, which respects the concept of a level playing field for all competitors and rewards performance achieved as a result of legitimate effort, skill and talent rather than drug use.

l)To promote and encourage gender equity, diversity and participation across all facets of the sport and management of Taekwondo in New Zealand

m)To promote and encourage cultural equity, diversity and participation across all facets of the sport and management of Taekwondo in New Zealand

n)To protect and support the rights of all World Taekwondo New Zealand members to train at the club of their choice, compete in regional and national tournaments, and participate in WTNZ approved events safe from bias, harm or harassment – according to current WTNZ Policies and Procedures.