Electoral timeline

Proposal of Dates for the election process:

  • 10th December – Announcement by WT of the upcoming elections.
  • 14th December – Nomination process opens.
  • 17th January – Nominations process closed.
  • 24th January – Nominations finalised after any issues are resolved.
  • 8th February – Information sent out.
  • 15th February – Voting starts for the 4 Executive Board positions.
  • 28th February – Voting closes
  • 2nd March – Results announced
  • 7th March – First Annual General Meeting of WTNZ (venue TBA)
  • At the CONCLUSION of the first AGM, the elected Executive Board members will meet with the Interim Board members to discuss a plan for moving forward.
  • 21st March – Three Appointed Board Members announced. First Full Executive Board meeting.